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Here you will find images, videos and some sound files of our research, feel free to watch, listen and share!

October 2021

Currently, we are analyzing Pseudomugil gertrudae fin motions using high speed video footage (250fps) and the software DeepLabCut.

📹 Watch a sneak peek of the tracked fin motions here:


September 2021

Is the rattlesnake rattling a simple notification of a snake’s presence or is it an elegant interspecies communication system that fools the auditory perception?

📹 Watch the new video abstract featuring authors Michael Forsthofer and Boris Chagnaud here:

📹 Watch one of the rattlesnakes featured in our Current Biology paper react to an approaching stimulus:

📄 Find the complete paper and even more videos here:


How do you deal with dangerous prey – learn a lesson from texas horned lizards

Avoiding being stung or bitten – prey capture behaviors of the ant-eating Texas horned lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum).Biol Open (2021) 10 (3): bio058453.

📹 Watch a time-lapse video one of the featured Texas horned lizard feed on ants:

📹 Watch one of the featured Texas horned lizard feed on free running ants:

📹Watch a Texas horned lizard as it tries to feed on an ant in a tube:

📄Find out more about Texas horned lizards and more videos in our complete paper here:


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